About Us

Transforming Indian Ag-Economy from MSP (Minimum Support Price) to FMP (Fair Market Price) with economic advantages to all stakeholders

We are a technology driven B2B Marketplace for selected agriculture commodities: Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Mustard, Soybean, Pulses, Spices, and Chip grade Potato,through our platforms:

www.wheatbazar.com, www.paddybazar.com, www.maizebazar.com, www.soyabazar.com, www.pulsesbazar.com, www.spicesbazar.in and www.potatobazar.com.

We register buyers and sellers on these state-of-the-art platforms and integrate them with each other through intelligent matching. Our Business team does the entire front end to finalize transaction with documentation and manage logistics for the transaction with satisfaction of both. Our Buyers are Institutional Buyers who process these commodities in their Mills perpetually and thus have large requirements of these commodities on daily basis. We also cater to Exporters and Traders. Our Sellers are categorized into five types viz. Stockists, Wholesalers, Traders, Commission Agents and Aggregators of farmers. All these suppliers are sitting on differently economically advantageous positions in the supply chain and are provided with equal opportunity to meet the demand of our Buyers. Some numbers of annual quantity which gets processed in mills in India: Wheat - 55 million tons (55%), Paddy - 85 million tons (50%), Maize 20 million tons (65%), Soybean - 10 million tons (85%), Potato - 2-3 million tons (4%) (and is growing very rapidly), pulses - 20 million tons (85%), Spices - 6.5 million tons (85%).

In its journey to provide better economic advantages to all stakeholders by direct linkage, NIA wishes to convert farmer(s) as "Suppliers" through Farmer Producing Companies (FPC's) those who follow the aggregator model of farmers. In a way, NIA is working to solve farmers’ main problem of marketing of their produce by bringing demand to their doorstep, removing multiple middle men with multiple storage & transportation. Once they quote among other categories of suppliers like Stockists, Traders, Whole sellers, and Commission agents, they are able to get a fair market price.

Our technology platform makes the process highly reliable and efficient. The system is capable of providing multiple options to both buyers and sellers with absolute transparency without compromising securities. Very soon we are launching the trade finance solution/platform to help meet the needs of financing the approved invoices of suppliers. This involves Banks, NBFCs, and Private Trade Finance Companies for bidding invoices. Ways forward: bringing Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies to facilitate secured trade finance for the entire Supply chain. Additionally, we added testing services as another service to Buyers and Sellers through www.testcommodity.com. Government accredited labs are already registered with us to provide testing services. We have also launched www.transportcommodity.com to provide trucking services through truck aggregators.